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43/365 – What a life.

I want to be a cat. Ours has done nothing but sleep in the sun all day on the sofa. What a life, till some idiot sticks a lens in your face and blinds you with bounced flash. Couldn’t decide between two images tonight so uploaded both to my flickr 365 set. Here’s the other.

Click the image to get to the full sized version and blurb about it.

****Note to everyone, I didn’t blind the cat that was merely a line I wrote, the flash was stoffen covered and set to 1/64 power bounced off the ceiling, the cat was not harmed in anyway and is perfectly well and able to see. She is so well in fact she is sat on top of our gerbil tank seeing if she can get in. And before anyone reports me she can’t, Lexy our gerbil is safe and well out of harms way of our very healthy non blinded cat. Who btw is called Sophie. Thank You****

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