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Just who is the face behind the camera?

What can I say about myself, except possibly this has been the hardest part of my site to do. Ok, so I was born and raised in North Devon spending all my life close to the sea and this area. I’m married with 2 children, who surprisingly enough, feature heavily in my recent 365 and 52 projects. As expected growing up in this area, I have a love for the sea and go surfing as often as possible. This is sounding more like my cv than my website, but I guess they are one of the same as I have to sell myself to you, not just my work, but me personally too. So no more of the boring stuff that you expect to hear about me; why photography and why wedding and portrait photography in particular?

I first started playing with digital cameras about 8 years ago when I co-ran the surf forecasting website Eyeball Surfcheck, I wrote the thrice weekly e-mail surf forecasts and took images of the waves to post online when needed. Now to sell the surf on the not so great days was hard, but we learnt and this is where my passion for photography was born. Having tinkered for several years at this and running the family greengrocery business in Woolacombe, an unfortunate situation dictated we sell the business and I move on from Eyeball. From there I got a job in a local surf company running the shop, online business and taking photographs of the stock for promo material etc etc. This was to be my first journey in studio lighting and I loved it. As my passion grew I wanted to learn more, so I left my job and took sometime off to study A level photography, which I passed comfortably. Back out in the real world I was adamant that I didn’t ever want to shoot a wedding or family portrait. It just didn’t appeal to me, at the time. But this was soon to change. Family and friends started to get married and as I, “Was good with a camera” I was called upon to do the deed. Nervous, scared, stupid, out of my depth. All of those things I think was how I felt shooting my first wedding back in 2007. But when I got home after that first wedding my outlook had changed and that feeling has been my driving force to get me to where I am today. I literally fell in love with the whole experience of a wedding. With over 15 years working with the public, I am not cut out for a desk job, I need to be interacting with people and wedding and portrait photography suits me to a tee. I love everything about it, the preparation, the joy, the romance of the day and the knowledge that I was there to capture the happy couples memories forever. Every wedding is different and every wedding is special and that’s what I love about it all. If I was doing it for the money, I would have studied hard at school, got a degree and be somewhere else by now. I do it because I love it.

My passion for portrait photography was on slow burn to begin with, but over time as I learnt more, so too did my confidence to shoot portraits and shoot them well, grow. Now I am just as passionate about shooting family portraits, modeling portfolios and such like, as I am about capturing the moment at a wedding. For me it’s about being there to capture that moment in time, that only a few may have seen or it lasted less than a second, but knowing that I have shot that moment and it is recorded it forever and for everyone to see is a great sense of job satisfaction and what drives me to do what I love.

It was always a goal for me from the minute I first got paid for taking some photo’s that one day I would be a full time photographer and be able to just go shoot images when I could and was called to. Due to a bizarre twist in fate this has now happened. I am no have a go Harry or weekend warrior. I am a full time professional photographer, who pays his tax and works hard for every penny, carries full public liability insurance and a professional indemnity, oh and few bits of extra kit in my van out on a shoot in the event the unthinkable happens. But I am not stopping there. I aim to absorb as much information from those who know, as I can by attending more professional training courses over the coming years and pushing my skills to their max and one day expand my business to other photographic avenues.

Where next for me, well this year I have been a couple of training courses to further increase my skill set in different aspects of photography and will continue to train and for as long as possible. I will never know everything.

Well there you have it, or me rather. Hopefully that little rambling will sell myself to you as potential clients and give you a little more insight into the face behind the camera.

Thanks for making it to the bottom of the page and not just clicking the back or close button…..