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Samsung NX10 Test Report.

Some of you may be aware that I was asked to test a new hybrid camera out for a top national magazine, well the test has been done, report written and submitted. Got my copy of the magazine a few days before it hit the shelves. Below is a full copy of the text I submitted to the editor along with the selection of images taken. If you want to know my opinion of the new hybrid camera read my honest report…

“Was I expecting too much from the NX10? Or is it just that being a wedding photographer I demand a lot from my equipment and require a certain usability to suit my workflow and style of shooting? I am not sure which it is but on paper the NX10 has a lot to offer, 14.1 megapixels on an apc sized sensor, interchangeable lenses and the ability to shoot raw, the list goes on, it should be a great addition to my kit bag but the reality was slightly different for me. David, my assistant, and I were asked to use the NX10 at a couple of weddings and then write this little piece.
Where do I start, I love this camera but I hate it. Strange really but even after two weddings and numerous personal days using it I still can’t commit either way. As a walk about camera for everyday use and snap shots, when lugging a gripped dslr about with zoom lens strapped to the front is a bit of an overkill, the NX10 steps up to the challenge and tackles it perfectly. For me I can use it in a/v mode, shoot raw and put the uber gorgeous 30mm f/2 lens on the front and it satisfies my passion for playing, seeking out the angles and a shallow dof, but then the wife can grab it bung it in program mode, understand the controls and enjoy it. I know there are other cameras out there that probably do it better, but the NX10 to me is well laid out and most buttons, if somewhat fiddly for my fat fingers are easily distinguishable. It is also a rugged little unit too, more than capable of surviving the odd knock or two! Another aspect I was very impressed with was the low level of noise at high iso’s and the overall image quality. Great tonal range, pretty accurate colours and very sharp too. Plus there’s a few tweak modes for picture quality which the other half liked too. Taking it to a wedding was different matter though. About the only time I really used it during the two weddings was for some of the static detail shots. Using the camera in CAF mode almost became a joke, the CAF is not man enough for the job and is too slow. Which is no good for candid style work, when you have split second to capture the moment.. The kit lens was rubbish, the camera struggled to focus in anything but bright light and the time it took to process one image meant you probably lost about another 20. Almost embarrassing really, but not as bad the holding the camera during a wedding and getting some very strange looks from guests and then them asking “Thought you were a professional, why the small camera?” and other such questions. One interesting thing we did find out about the camera was that we could sync it to our speedlights at 1/125 sec using a rf602 hotshoe transmitter.
Would I continue using this camera, yes I think I would, but I would only use it as personal camera with it in my bag on the day just in case. It’s a great piece of kit but not man enough for the abuse my kit gets during weddings.”

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